• FAQs
  • Why should I hire a photographer as opposed to just taking my own pictures.
    Let's try to answer a question with a question.

    Can you cut your own hair? Yes, but do you? If you do, will you obtain the same result as if you went to a professional stylist?
    Can you service your own car? Yes, but do you? Quality mechanics bring with them years of experience and are much more efficient than you might be at performing the exact same service task.
    Can you paint your own car? Possibly, but can you be assured of the result?

    Quality photographers bring with them experience and skill. An experienced photographer is also highly skilled in using the tools of the craft which will obviously include a camera of some sort, possibly light meters, special lighting, reflectors, back drops, tripods, remote releases, a multitude of lenses and is able to discern the right lens for a specific task.

    Many people claim to be photographers. We do not take photography casually.
  • Why should I choose to use Photowerks for my portraits or event?
    Photowerks makes every effort to ensure that your photos are the best that they can be. We have thousands of dollars invested in equipment toward this end. At the end of the day all of the great photo equipment in the world does not make a great image on its own. What matters most of all is the person behind the camera. Our photographer has been making great photos for over 10 years.
  • Can Photowerks remove blemishes or marks from my photos?
    Photowerks can and will remove blemishes and other potentially unsightly marks from customer photos. We prefer to consult with the client prior to any photo manipulation. We would hate to alter something that a client did not prefer to have adjusted.
  • Does Photowerks digitally enhance images?
    Photowerks provides a wide array of photo editing and finishing services. Photowerks is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and has been working with various photo editing suites for many years.
  • Does Photowerks provide portrait services?
    Photowerks provides various photographic services including:

    -Children in Action
    -Commercial Photography
    -Senior Portraits
    -Family Portraits
    -Model Portfolios
    -Photo Art

    If there is something specific that a client has in mind, we try to accommodate it.
  • Is Photowerks an all digital shop?
    Yes, Photowerks shoots all digital. Shooting all digital allows for us to provide our customers with a faster turn around time to receive proofs and a finished product. Shooting digital also allows for us to make additional corrections and enhancements to accommodate our customer's needs.
  • Does Photowerks shoot on location?
    Yes, Photowerks will shoot on location in an effort to accommodate your needs. We find that photos can turn out best when they are not too staged.